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“Golf is a game of all cultures, of all nations, of all landscapes. In parts of the world golf has been around for centuries, it’s great traditions revered, in others the game has just been born with new traditions to build”
– Robert McNeil

ROBERT McNEIL golf course architect
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MDC - Global Golf

Golf is a global endeavor for our team. We understand the broad reach of the game and embrace the cultures that have embraced it. Members of the McNeil Design Collaborative team have a philosophy built on growing the game and bringing the best out of projects and sites based on the indigenous landscapes presented.

We enjoy working on sites throughout the world, both on existing courses and new, that provide an opportunity for us to learn from the people we work with and find the uniqueness and sometimes hidden character within the landscape. Ultimately our objective is to develop long lasting, productive relationships and along the way provide our clients with great vision and excitement to help them realize their goals.

The McNeil Design Collaborative has spread their expertise worldwide

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Providing Golf Course Design, Site Master Planning, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture and Agronomic Consultation