Robert McNeil elected as American Society of Golf Course Architects, Associate

Robert McNeil was elected to Associate ASGCA Membership at the 63rd American Society of Golf Course Architects Annual Meeting held in Seattle, Washington, May 3-5.

Membership in ASGCA signifies that an architect is a dedicated and qualified professional golf course architect. Every ASGCA member must meet and complete a two-year application process and prove that they have acquired sound technical training, have no less than eight years of practical experience in golf course architecture, have designed at least five 18-hole golf course equivalents and is recognized by other ASGCA members as a competent professional golf course architect. ASGCA membership is reserved for the best our profession has to offer.

Peer Review

ASGCA members are very involved in the review of each potential member's application. Four of the five representative courses submitted on an application are evaluated in person by an ASGCA member. The member studies plans of the course, interviews construction personnel, club management and either walks or plays the course with the applicant.

Each applicant must also be sponsored by three ASGCA members. The sponsors are members who can personally vouch for the character, professional integrity and high level of applied architecture skill of the applicant.

Code of Ethics

In addition, ASGCA members abide by standards of professional practice and a stringent code of ethics. The code of ethics set standards for the golf course architect's role in contract negotiations and their responsibilities to the client. Many public agencies and entities have recognized that the ASGCA membership constitutes the highest professional standards in golf course design.

Description of Membership

A member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects is one who by virtue of their knowledge of the game, training, experience, vision and inherent ability, is in all ways qualified to design and prepare specifications for a course of functional and aesthetic perfection. They are further qualified to execute and oversee the implementation on the ground of his plans and specifications to create an enjoyable layout that challenges golfers of all abilities and exemplifies the highest standards and traditions of golf. They will counsel in all phases of the work to protect the best interest of their client.

Each member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects is engaged primarily in golf course architecture, and their qualifications have satisfied the Board of Governors in all respects.

Contact: Robert McNeil, Golf Course Architect, The Northeast Golf Company
(401)-667-4994 in Saunderstown, RI – (732)-747-1888 Red Bank, NJ