Broad Vision, Careful Thought, Handcrafted Design

“ should be remembered that the greatest and fairest things are done by nature and lesser by art”
– Robert Hunter, The Links, 1926

ROBERT McNEIL golf course architect
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Whether developing a new course, redesigning an existing course or recapturing the character of classic design through restoration or renovation, each project is driven by minute site specific details to be managed with the utmost respect.

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Our approach is comprehensive beginning with a discussion of goals and objectives, and a complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in a particular site. It is always our goal to listen closely to the directives of our clients, present creative ideas, develop practical solutions, practice environmental stewardship and develop a clear vision of the intended product before putting pencil to paper. We see our design process and ultimately our designs as fluid and flexible, growing until the best results are achieved.