Broad Vision, Careful Thought, Handcrafted Design

“To plan, we must know what has gone on in the past and feel what is coming in the future.”
– Sigfried Gideon

ROBERT McNEIL golf course architect
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Process: Existing Course Renovation

With existing courses we remain true to the needs of the Club, again listening closely to officials, staff and members. After gaining a clear understanding of the Club’s history and project objectives, we begin the creative process of developing a Comprehensive Enhancement Plan outlining functional, style and character improvement recommendations.

Through a series of working charettes with the Club we fine tune our ideas to those that best fit real needs and budget. These recommendations are communicated effectively through photographic interpretation and graphics, pencil sketches, color renderings, and in text format. Our overall goal when working with existing Clubs is to provide the creative vision that will bring the objectives of the Club to the next level.

We work on all sorts of projects from smaller bunker renovations to large scale course makeovers. Our Comprehensive Enhancement Plans are a powerful planning tool for current and future club officials and ensure consistency of vision and style.