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Enhancement Planning Products for existing courses:

All golf courses are living entities. Over time features wear, strategies change, technology advances, competition gains, history is lost, all having some level of effect on the overall quality of a golf facility. The Comprehensive Golf Course Enhancement Plan offered by The Northeast Golf Company is the most valuable tool to manage this change for the betterment of the golf course for the players, but more importantly as a financial asset. In much the same way you would update your kitchen to improve your living conditions and add value to your home… well-planned enhancements to a golf course can bring great enjoyment to players and add real economic value.

Our Comprehensive Enhancement Plan includes:

  • Overall review (play, photograph, listen) of the Existing Course Conditions
  • Development of "Initial Findings" for discussion
  • Establishment of Preliminary Construction Cost Estimates for recommended improvements
  • Full scale color rendering of the golf course illustrating graphically the proposed improvements throughout the property.
  • Hole by hole/Before-After Graphic Illustrations sketches enlarged to communicate individual improvements
  • Summary Document
  • Membership/Committee/Board Presentations