Broad Vision, Careful Thought, Handcrafted Design


ROBERT McNEIL golf course architect
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Construction Plans for new Bid/Build:

  • Final Illustrative Golf Course Routing
  • Layout and Staking Plans
  • Limits of Disturbance Plans
  • Strategy Plans
  • Grading and Earthwork Plans
  • Golf Course Drainage Plans
  • Irrigation Plans (with consultants)
  • Grassing Plan
  • Feature Construction Details
  • Specialty Site Specific Details
  • Individual Green Plans
  • Feature/Vista Sketches

We are acutely aware that Golf Course Development is driven by the minute subtleties of creative design, but as important is dictated by dollars and cents. When working with The Northeast Golf Company, understanding the economics of course design and construction principles is a responsibility we take as seriously as our commitment to hand-crafted quality. Simply put, on time, within budget and beyond expectation defines our philosophy.